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Discord Messages I Have Received From Andrew Hussie

Postal Lottery


On 9/9/2019, Kate Mitchell published 11 copies of a twenty-page zine, Discord Messages I Have Received from Andrew Hussie. These 11 numbered copies are the only official copies that will ever exist, and I’ve tasked those who have them with keeping the zines circulating.

Treat them as a shitpost-era book of psalms, put a doodle in the margins, show it off at a meetup — just keep it moving! When someone doesn’t know where to send their copy next, I’ll give them an address from the POSTAL LOTTERY.

Enter below to be considered for this lottery!

Do you want to be entered into the lottery to circulate a copy of Discord Messages I Have Received from Andrew Hussie via post?

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Do you have any special plans for the zine? E.g. group meetups, world travel, mountain climbing