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Kate Mitchell

An independent writer, podcaster, and organizer.

Curriculum vitae

Stories & Writing

  • SCP Foundation (2011-2017): Writer, Videographer, Audio Storyteller, Designer

  • Vast Error (2018- ): Script Consultant, Additional Writing

  • Untitled Multimedia Fiction Project (forthcoming 2019): Director, Writer


  • Snowbound Blood: A Vast Error Story (2019- ): Head Writer, Producer, Designer, Contributing Musician

  • Pesterquest (forthcoming 2019): Writer

  • Untitled Game Project (forthcoming): Copywriter

  • Ivorybill (forthcoming 2020): Director, Writer, Designer, Musician


  • Perfectly Generic Podcast (2018- ): Host, Director, Producer

  • The Undercut (2019- ): Host, Director, Producer

  • Untitled Podcast Project (forthcoming 2020): Executive Producer, Head Writer, Voice Actor


Organizing & Management

  • Various Democratic and non-partisan campaigns and organizations (2010-2016): Political Campaign Manager and Consultant

  • City of Gainesville (2011): Assistant to the City Commission

  • Fracture (2013): Director of Marketing

  • Clear Point Claims (2015): Design, Copywriting, Marketing

  • Washington Justice (2018-2019): Assistant General Manager


Kate Mitchell is available for writing, design, marketing and management.

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